God gave me this huge heart for children and ever since I've ran with it. I work for University of the Nation's Battambang with a ministry called Jeevit's House. We specifically work with children at risk for HIV/AIDS. Our goal is to keep families together and prevent them from sending their kids to orphanages when they are not orphans. My personal goal is to spend and invest time in the children in Cambodia and walk with them as they learn about who God is and help lead them to him.  

February 25th, 2018

This time away from Cambodia came at a time where I felt I had a very strong connection and was able to come home for an extended stay to reconnect with friends and family and supporters and the church that sent me out. 
Looking forward, I plan to start up my English classes again in the two villages I was in before. I also plan to try and start an additional class in another village I've invested in with Kings Kids and Sunday church. I'm excited to go back and get back to work and to be around the kids and my team again. Currently they are waiting for me to get back to drive the base truck to our family visits...
Now back in Cambodia, it has been great to be here and catch up with everybody. I am finally going to start my English classes in the coming week and get back into a full schedule. 
It's been a weird week back thus far, getting into the swing of things and feeling like I hadn't left while yet everything is different because I had left. Now I'm back, reconnecting and readjusting to life here after 6 months of being home. It's never easy but I'm very excited to get back to what I love doing and I'm very excited for the opportunities God has for me in this upcoming time in my life. 
I can't thank you enough for all the prayers and support as I left Oregon and am now back to work here in Cambodia! It's such a blessing and I'm so grateful for the opportunity to serve God in Cambodia and have people who believe and support God's call on my life as well as my own personal vision to see these kids know who He is! So again, thank you!!  x Caleb