God gave me this huge heart for children and ever since I've ran with it. I work for University of the Nation's Battambang with a ministry called Jeevit's House. We specifically work with children at risk for HIV/AIDS. Our goal is to keep families together and prevent them from sending their kids to orphanages when they are not orphans. My personal goal is to spend and invest time in the children in Cambodia and walk with them as they learn about who God is and help lead them to him.

October 15th, 2018

Hi everyone, thanks for reading my updates! I wanted to give an update on how things have been since I've changed classes and how ministry has been going... 

The last six weeks with my class went great. We had a good ending where in the last week we did more talking, hanging out, and watching movies than any actual English stuff. It was kind of a free week for them before they started English at the YDC (Youth Development Center). So my two main students and one of their older sisters who wasn't studying with me before have now all been studying at the YDC for just over a week now. From what I've heard from them, they love it and it's been going well. My prayer is that they'd get a good English education and that their belief in God would only strengthen throughout their time at the YDC! (All three of those girls are also in our weekly small group.) 

As for me, I have yet to start my new English class in another village. I'll start that next week but on the week I had off, it was weird not going to teach (I miss them already), but I chose to pray instead that their time there goes well. For my new class, we are not sure if I'll be teaching one or two hours yet with different students in each hour and we are also not sure the level of the students either. So that's what my first couple of days in that new class will be like--figuring out the best way to teach them English and about God. I'm excited and nervous at the same time, as I usually am when I start new things, so please be praying for this new class with me!!

As for the ministry, I've been taking Khmer classes again and learning Bible stories for our King's Kid's programs and will soon start to help teach Khmer Bible stories. This is very nerve-racking for me as this is something I've been wanting to do, but also not because it's easier to just join in with the kids instead of being the main teacher. It's not easy keeping all their attention and because it's my second language. I'm a little shy, but I like the challenge and I want to grow so I'm going to start slow and see where God takes me!  I have also been working on translation, but my mind doesn't like that. 

Thank you for all your love and support. I appreciate it so much and am very grateful! I couldn't do all this without your help and support. Thank you so much and I plan to update again soon about how the new classes as well as King's Kid's and the YDC.



August 13th, 2018


This is my first update being exclusively on emails and not Facebook. This will be my new way of communicating. So if anybody you know isn't getting them and would like to, please have them send me their email or sign up on the webpage (see newsletter sign up above). 

I have some great news!!! For the English class I started back in 2015, my goal was to teach kids until they were old enough to study at our Youth Development Center at our YWAM campus. This is a great school that teaches students English and about God, as well as getting certificates once they've passed level 6 and 12 in order to better themselves when it comes to getting jobs! My two main students, one is almost 16 and the other is 18, are going to move out of my class and into the YDC starting October 1st. So I only have a little bit of time left to teach them before they move on. I will also move on to teach English in another village as well. It's bittersweet for it's the end of an era of teaching them in the village I started at and now I'm proud to say that they are ready to move on to the Youth Center. Please keep them in your prayers that they'd be able to learn well and pass their classes as one quarter is three months long. I'm very excited for them and also thrilled that the idea I had years ago is actually happening now. 

For the first week of September we had our annual staff meeting with all the different YWAM organizations in Cambodia. This year we are all going to Thailand to join YWAM Together where we'll meet with more than just those of us working in Cambodia. Please keep us all in your prayers for what God is going to do in our lives that week and for what we can learn from each other and help each other grow as well as for safe travels.

Personally I'm in a place in my life right now where I'm learning how to have better quiet times with God. Lots of times I sit down to pray, do all the talking, spend about 3-5 minutes and them I'm done. I need to learn to sit and listen, which is very hard for me to do, but I need God so much and I really want to spend more time with Him than I have in the past in order for Him to be able to lead my life in the right directions. I want to make sure I stay on His path and don't go off on my own, trusting in Him and also spending more time in his word. I'm still doing the Romans project but sometimes I just need to read something other than Romans. So far I've completed five reads of the twenty.

Thank you so much for your love and support. I can never express enough how much that means to me and how appreciative I am for all who are standing with me in my journey here. My next update will most likely be around when I start teaching my new class in October. So I'll update on how that goes as well and how it's going for my old students at the Youth Center.

Thank you,

x Caleb Huehl

June 10th, 2018

Hey everyone! 

I wanted to share how things have been going and what God's been doing since the last time I sent out a newsletter. I hope everyone is doing great and thank you for taking the time to read this...

Since April, after the Khmer New Year I have started to take Khmer lessons again in order to improve my fluency with reading, speaking and writing as well as expand my Bible vocabulary so that I can minister to the kids easier. So far it's been great and I've been learning a lot of new words as well as remembering some old ones I had forgotten. The biggest struggle is trying to remember some of the big words that I don't normally use so it's not in my everyday vocabulary. 

When I was home I shared briefly how the girls small group we have had 3 girls say they wanted to believe in Jesus. Well an update on them... I was a little nervous that maybe they might not understand fully that believing in God is knowing and accepting that he is the only One true God and that you can't say you believe in God and then participate in Buddhist practices. Recently they said that they no longer partake in the Buddhist activities and they understand that God is the only true God. That is so Awesome! They've been going through the Bible and have quiet times and prayer times and sometimes one-on-ones as well. It's so cool what God is doing through this small group!! 

In my personal life, I've started the Romans project where I read Romans 20 times through and write it out once. I'm just about on my forth read and doing this has brought me a lot closer to God. I've been able to have more prayer times than before and as a result it has helped me through some tough times and given me more quality time with God that I didn't previously have. I feel great when I'm able to learn, grow, and spend that quality time with God. 

Thank you all for your love and support and I'll be praying for everyone back home. Please continue to pray for the things God's been doing here and is still going to do! 

Thank you again!

x Caleb

April 9th, 2018


The last few months we have been going through a lot of changes within our ministry--all good changes! We've shuffled around some of the things we do for different days. In the past, we would have our Kings Kids on Monday after worship. Now, because worship sometimes goes long and picking up the kids would take twenty to thirty minutes, we changed our Kings Kids to Tuesdays so that we'd have more time to spend with them before they have to be taken back home for school. So our family visits have now changed from Tuesday to Friday and for me, helping at the preschool is now Monday instead of Friday. This has worked out great thus far as we now have better opportunities for reaching those we work with and the things we do has stayed the same but we are trying to be more effective in how we do it in order to better our relationships with those around us.

As for me, I've had a lot of moving parts with my English classes. Currently I'm teaching every evening from about 5:15-6:30. After Khmer new year (mid April), I'll start teaching English in the afternoons again as well. I haven't begun those classes yet because I wanted to settle in first and be sure I know what our day-to-day schedule would be. The reason for this is to avoid scheduling confusion. This also gives me a chance to prepare the lessons I want to teach for them. There are two different places I plan to start teaching at. Both are about twenty minutes away and I plan to split up the days so one class will get two days and the other three days. I can't wait to get back into these afternoon classes--they are a lot of fun!

I'm so excited for the things God has for the kids and Cambodia and myself here. It's cool to be able to sit down with some of the older kids and reminisce about the past--how small they were and what we were thinking of each other back when I didn't know how to communicate with them other than making funny faces at them. It's nice to have those moments and know that I've been making an impact in their lives.

Recently I've been sick a lot off and on, currently with a cold. If you could please keep me in your prayers to stay healthy as it has not been easy readjusting back after 6 months away.

Thank you again for all your love and support. I can never thank everyone enough. I'm so grateful for all the love and support sent my way that keeps me here working with these kids and seeing them grow and start to know more about who God is.

Thank you!

x Caleb

February 25th, 2018

This time away from Cambodia came at a time where I felt I had a very strong connection and was able to come home for an extended stay to reconnect with friends and family and supporters and the church that sent me out.

Looking forward, I plan to start up my English classes again in the two villages I was in before. I also plan to try and start an additional class in another village I've invested in with Kings Kids and Sunday church. I'm excited to go back and get back to work and to be around the kids and my team again. Currently they are waiting for me to get back to drive the base truck to our family visits...

Now back in Cambodia, it has been great to be here and catch up with everybody. I am finally going to start my English classes in the coming week and get back into a full schedule.

It's been a weird week back thus far, getting into the swing of things and feeling like I hadn't left while yet everything is different because I had left. Now I'm back, reconnecting and readjusting to life here after 6 months of being home. It's never easy but I'm very excited to get back to what I love doing and I'm very excited for the opportunities God has for me in this upcoming time in my life.

I can't thank you enough for all the prayers and support as I left Oregon and am now back to work here in Cambodia! It's such a blessing and I'm so grateful for the opportunity to serve God in Cambodia and have people who believe and support God's call on my life as well as my own personal vision to see these kids know who He is! So again, thank you!! x Caleb