Who is TLF?

Our Vision and Values

Our purpose as a church is embodied in our vision and in our values.

Know, Love, Live

Optimal Vision: that fittingly describes the kind of vision we have as a church.
TLF’s mission statement is to KNOW, LOVE, LIVE

  • We exists to KNOW… How can we even begin to move in the right direction until we have knowledge of Him?
  • …and then to reach up.  That’s worship, expressing LOVE to God.  To Love Him with all of our heart, soul and mind… everything.
  • LIVE : we exist to reach out – that’s evangelism, communication Christ to others.  We not only reach out but we reach in.  That’s discipleship, developing our relationship with the Lord.

Our Vision to reach up, out and in is based on two texts from God’s Word:

  • The Great Commandment (Matthew 22:37): “Reaching Up”: It explains the main thing: “Love The Lord your God with all  heart, and with your soul and with all your mind.”
  • The Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20):  “Reaching out” as we are commanded to “go and make disciples”, that’s evangelism.  “Reaching in”: also from this passage signifies that the Christian life is not a philosophy,  It is a life, and the main focus is application.  Applying your KNOWledge and expressing your LOVE for God and men, by the way you LIVE.

TLF Values

Our values govern how we gather together as a congregation, what we provide in the way of ministry programs and where we invest our resources – both physical and financial. Not listed in order of importance, each of these values form a part of what we envision TLF to be:

  • Prayer is the foundation of all we do,
  • We believe that every person is valuable to God and His Kingdom.
  • The normal Christian life is for every believer to be fully devoted to Christ and His cause.
  • As people birthed into His kingdom, we should be authentic followers of Christ continuing to grow in Him by learning His way, manifesting His Power, and serving our world.
  • We believe that every member is a minister called to a servant’s heart – investing his or her time, talent and treasure for the the cause of Christ
  • God actively demonstrated His heart for lost people and so should we by intentionally reaching out to others.  We believe that the most effective evangelism happens through people inviting people.
  • Everyone should be involved in a small group where “community” happens.
  • We embrace our city in all of its diversity – both ethnically and economically, by every means.

What We Believe In

This is our faith statement.

Our Leadership

Meet the dedicated people behind TLF Church: the Elders and Leadership Team

Grace International

TLF  Church is affiliated with Grace International