Our Community


The Global Mission Field

TLF family believes we are to be part of reaching the nations of the world for Christ. Our giving supports pastors, starts schools, finances orphanages, provides clean drinking water, supports missionaries and a host of other ministries. We also look for special projects like the church we help build in a remote area in Uganda, Africa and the medical clinic we partnered in building in that same area.

Here are some of the Global ministries we support:

The Local Mission Field

TLF is committed to serving our community and demonstrating God’s love through practical acts of kindness.

Some of the programs that support our local missions ministry:

Child Development Center

Twin Oaks Child Development Center is committed to excellence in Childcare and early childhood education. It is a place to PLAY-LEARN-GROW!

Beacon Institute of Ministry

“Where Knowledge Comes to Life”
Beacon Institute of Ministry (BIM) offers a Bible college on the local church with opportunities for ministry, training and leadership development. BIM is a leader in quality and affordable Church-based theological education.

Students can earn A.A., B.A. Masters and Doctorate degrees in  six different divisions of studies through our Diploma program.

For more information, you can email the director, Betty Cason or  send us an email